What is Sales DNA?
Sales DNA is John Palumbo’s trademark term that uncovers why some salespeople thrive and others take a nose-dive.  John has presented hundreds of speeches and seminars internationally on the science behind Sales DNA.  The topic is also covered in his bestselling book, “What’s Your Sales DNA?”

Why should I use Sales DNA Profiles?
Sales DNA Profiles break down the hiring process into three critical parts – how does a particular candidate sell?  Will a particular candidate sell?  Can a particular candidate sell?  Without answers to all three questions, an employer cannot get a true reading of a salesperson’s potential.

What are Sales DNA Profiles?
Sales DNA Profiles employ a self-cored behavioral assessment based on the DISC personality model.  The DISC model dates back to Hippocrates and is a scientifically validated method of measuring personality. 

Are these just glorified “personality” tests?
No!  These profiles help employers hire the best possible salesperson because they unearth the applicant’s true nature.  A person’s behavior is a necessary and integral part of who he or she is.  Profiles also determine a persons preferred coaching and managerial style.

What does DISC stand for?
D – Dominance; I – Influence; S – Steadiness; C – Compliance.  These are the four major behavioral categories.  All people exhibit all four types of behavior with varying degrees of intensity.

Where can I purchase Sales DNA Profiles?
Call our office at 904-448-1100 or e-mail PalumboJ@aol.com to order your profiles.

How much do the profiles cost?
Please call our office or e-mail to discuss pricing.

Where can I get additional information?
Please don’t hesitate to call our office at 904-448-1100 or e-mail PalumboJ@aol.com with any questions or comments.



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